My name is Zita, from Hungary. Here is a few things about me:

I am a proud Potterhead, Whovian, Sherlokian.
I love fanfictions, and besides my OTPs, my goal is to search all the craziest pairingst in the fandoms! :D

I often feel sorry for myself, because there is no such jobs is 'official fangirl'. My life is ruined :(

Oh, and I'm a Slytherin Bitch, so sometimes, I'll bite and kill. And love. Of course.


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Inspired by a friend


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Mark Gatiss - Sherlock Q&A - Brazil

Friendly reminder that this is the humor behind the show.


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Last December, almost 60 years after his death, Turing received a posthumous royal pardon for his conviction. The gesture, following years of campaigning, left Cumberbatch distinctly underwhelmed.

“It’s an insult,” the actor says, “for anybody of authority or standing to sign off on him with their approval and say, ‘Oh, he’s forgiven.’ The only person who should be [doing the] forgiving is Turing, and he can’t because we killed him. And it makes me really angry. It makes me very angry.” (x)


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After that interview, I thought it would be nice for you to read this one from Metro Newspaper 16/10/14

er…do…do normal girls do that? play with each others boobs and vaginas in school?

Define “normal”. I’ve done this. And some of my friends have too. So I’d go with yes.

that’s so odd to me. like i thought i was bi growing up but as it turns out i’m actually ace so my judgement may be in question here. but i was very close to a lot of girls growing up. all my friendships were extremely intense when i had them and we’d have large sleepovers and small sleepovers but we’d never start poking around on each other at all.

As an ace who went to public high school (United States definition of public school) I can confirm that girls with no sexual interest in one another will - often and whenever presented with an opportunity - grab each others’ boobs.  Because when your friend has a nice rack and you’ve never felt someone else’s boobs before you get a little curious and then the next thing you know you’ve started a platonic grope train. 

Public high school is weird.


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Oh, monsters are scared. That’s why they’re monsters.
Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane (via wildlingprincess)  

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And I think it’s going to rain today…

I can’t understand people who don’t enjoy the rain, I’ve always found it so soothing

Same! I love it.


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Hi guys, I felt like I should really share this experience with you. Recently I decided to conduct something of a…social experiment.

The first photo is of me in casual wear. It’s pretty mismatched. I was wearing my pajama top over my tee and had black pants on. My hairs messed up and everything. I look unprofessional, and it’s intended.

I took a walk through an inner city neighbourhood of Brisbane. I asked the police for directions to the library. I bought a krispy kreme doughnut from the 7 11. I went inside the mall and was asked to try free samples several times. I bought the first volume from SnK from Angus and Robert’s. I wasn’t treated any differently, the reactions were warm and friendly. My outfit didn’t effect anything at all.

The second image is me in a salwaar. The hair took effort to get into curls. (Sorry, the mirror was foggy) I had a bit of make up on. I looked good. The outfit was ironed and it looked much better than the previous one. I went to the same shops an hour later. Asked the same guard where the library was. Bought another krispy kreme.

The reactions were totally different. There were no thank you’s. No one asked me to try a sample. The guard was annoyed. When I went into the bookstore the lady at the register followed me around the whole time. When I bought a copy of ‘The storyteller’ by Jodi Picoult, she asked me if I had enough money with me before she scanned it.

I am a fourteen year old girl who has lived overseas for three years. Never have I faced such blatant discrimination.

What is this supposed to mean? You’re good to go as long as you don’t embrace your traditional values? Is this why south Asian girls are embarrassed to wear their saris and salwaars in the open? Is this why we refuse to wear our bindi and play the harmonium? Is this why we think it’s better to be well spoken in English that Bangla, Urdu, or Hindi.

When white people embrace my traditional values, they’re open minded. When I do it, I’m suddenly a nuisance. I’m automatically expected to not be well spoken. I’m automatically a suspect for shop lifting.

Think about that.


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There is also a death for the immortal jellyfish. He is very bored.

Artwork by Chris Gugliotti [webcomic | tumblr]


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if you can’t wait for john’s emotional breakdown in s4 clap your hands


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How many Hogwarts boys do you think Madam Pomfrey has to fix every year because they messed up trying to cast an Engorgio on their dicks

asking the real questions


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When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 


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Near Snowmass, Colorado, 2012
Alex Burke


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